FCBRE partners with local businesses to provide internship experiences for high school and college students. Internships are opportunities for students to gain ideas, perspectives and real-world learning opportunities to prepare them for the future. The students are matched with businesses in their field of interest and are paid for their time through monies donated to FCBRE. Greater than the pay is the experiences of the students, as they not only utilize the knowledge and skills they have gained in their education but also navigate the personal and professional aspects of working in an organization. Students are able to experience and develop the necessary interpersonal and professional skills needed to succeed in the workforce, those skills that are best learned by experience and not included in a school curriculum. Businesses are reaching out to host interns, knowing that they are sending a strong message that diverse educational backgrounds and various skill sets are important. They are also able convey other industry information to the student and provide the student with a work experience to complement their education and goals.

Internship opportunities will be posted as they become available, please continue to check the site.